Blue Bay Dive

Winds were to high to take the Unidive boat out, so Chris and I drove to Brunswick Heads for a dive with Blue Bay Dive. Did two dives, one at Mackerel Boulder (?) and one at Julien Rocks.

Pics here:

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Christmas Day 2011

A few from Christmas day…

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Pat and Bryony were married last weekend

Pat and Bryony had a very nice wedding up near Maleny on Sunday 20/11/2011.

Here are some photos:

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Work trip to Auckland

A few from my recent trip to Auckland:

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October 29 2011 Unidive Mooloolaba

Went for two dives at Mooloolaba, Pinnacles (Pin2) and Fairylands.

On the boat we had Bride, Jeremy, Christian, Bruce, Leonardo, Kelly, David, Maryse and myself. Jeremy made his famous choc muffins, and there were snakes, cinnamon bun and I don’t know what all else, all I know is we had way to much food!

Had the macro lens on, so no above water shots, but here are some from underwater…:

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