Norway’s Yes vote on OOXML – What really happened


The Norway Vote – What really happened « Topic Maps and All That: “So this one bureaucrat, a man who by his own admission had no understanding of the technical issues, had chosen to ignore the advice of his Chairman, of 80% of his technical experts, and of 100% of the K185 old-timers. For the Chairman, only one course of action was possible. “

(Via Topic Maps and All That.)

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New dive watch on it’s way

I flooded my dive watch the other day, my fault, the crown was not screwed down properly, so it went into Citizen for repair.

I was originally quoted a fairly high repair cost, but lets face it, with sea water inside for a week before they got it, virtually all the guts would have to be replaced.

But, as some know, this is my ‘wedding’ watch which I received instead of a ring many years ago, so I have always had it repaired if anything went wrong.

_MG_6061 - 2006-02-22 08.21.20 PM - Version 2 (1).jpg

When talking to the very nice person at Citizen, she said, ‘well, that price seems quite high, lets see what we can do about that.’ She came back with a quote about half of what the original was. I was happy.

Then, there was a delay because they needed some parts from Hong Kong. When they came, they were different to the original, silver instead of gold. So Citizen has offered to replace it with a new model for the repair cost! I will get a similar model.


I am very pleased with the way Citizen has handled this, they could have quite easily said the watch was not repairable and left it at that. I am glad to see good service still exists somewhere, and I will always recommend Citizen because of the way the handled this.

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Changing themes

I have decided to go back to a more basic theme as I was finding incompatibilities with the WordPress stats gathering package.

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UniDive trip to China Wall and Flinders

Saturday Cas organised a dive out to North Morton and:

  • Mark Wellard
  • Devin Tu
  • Alan Tordoir
  • Cas Simons
  • John Holmes
  • Rob Pesch

and myself made it out to China Wall and had a great dive there, awesome vis (could see the bottom (30M) from the surface!). Saw both arches, the key hole etc. There was a 1.7M swell on top, which made the wait on top a bit uncomfortable!

We then headed to Flinders for a second dive and saw lots of Turtles and wrasse and flutemouths.

Unfortunately Justin Grimm-GreenBlatt could not make it as some nutter tried to mug him on the green bridge and he was waiting for the cops! I understand that Justin is OK, but I guess he has a story of his own to tell now!

Thanks to Cas for organising, and remember, if you want to go for a dive, ORGANISE ONE!!! There could have been a trip out today (sunday) too, as conditions were suposed to be even better!

Some photos here:

April 12 2008 China Wall/Flinders

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Schneier on Security: Overestimating Threats Against Children

This is good, now if we can just get the rest of the world to follow her lead…

Schneier on Security: Overestimating Threats Against Children

If you have not seen it before, check out the graphic mentioned at the end:

play zones

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