Marcus and Jenny

My nephew Marcus was married on Saturday to a wonderful girl, Jenny. It was a very nice ceremony and it was good to see lots of the family…

Pictures here:

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Great dive on Hendersons Reef on East Morton

We had a great day, flat seas, good vis, lots of wildlife!

Pictures here:

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Open Water (and Advanced) Course

Taught another openwater course over the weekend, good fun, good food, good students!

Pictures here:

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Unidive AGM

Seems like only yesterday we had the 2010 AGM.

Welcome to the new committee and thanks to the old committee for all their hard work over the last year!

Pictures here:

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Homeopathy: There’s nothing to it | Bad Astronomy

A lot of people think that Homeopathy is just using natural medicines. They think that if things like aspirin come from the bark of the willow tree, then maybe some of these other ‘medicines’ will work.

Well, what usually happens with natural cures is that scientists test them with double blind tests, and if they work we call them medicine.

That is NOT what homeopathy is. THIS is what homeopathy is.

In general they are preying on the uneducated and those without hope. Next time you see this crap in your pharmacy I would not buy from them, but also let the pharmasist know why you are not buying at their store.

The worst part is that some misguided people are giving their kids this stuff and thinking that are ‘vacinated’ against things like measles. This is NOT harmless.

Here endeth my rant for today.

(Via Bad Astronomy.)

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