Unidive ‘diver of the year’ 2013

Chris organised the ‘diver of the year’ day again this year and lots of diving skills, some silly were demonstrated by the participants.

Pictures here (click on image):

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The Reason Stick: The Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense


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David versus Monsanto: A Documentary on GMO

I think this is a very important video to watch. The control that corporations like monsanto want over the food supply is unbelievable. The thought of ‘terminator’ genes getting loose in the environment is one of the scariest things I have contemplated in a long time.

You need to be logged into youtube to see this.

David versus Monsanto: A Documentary on GMO

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FIN – Help end the horror

This is absolutely horrible. How man can treat animals with such brutality makes me want to quit the human race.

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Should I Work for Free?

Very good flow chart 😉

Should I Work for Free?.

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