Australia World Underwater Games!

WUG circle 180h


Had a great weekend down in Sydney at the Australian World Underwater Games!

We were playing in the underwater rugby tournament and were happy with our performance. The results were:

  • 1st – New Zealand ( the only team we lost to, but we did lose to them twice )
  • 2nd – Tasmania (we beat them on the first day and never played them again)
  • 3rd – Queensland ( us!! )
  • 4th – NSW ‘A’ (we tied one and beat them in another)

Not sure how 5th and 6th went for NSW ‘B’ and Canberra, but we beat them both on Saturday.

All in all we did better than we expected, or at least better than I expected 😉

It was hard and exhausting, but fun and well worth it! 🙂

Now to start training for Next year.

Chris has some pictures up here:

Picassa Album

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Australia World Underwater Games at ODEX

WUG circle 180h

11 Days until we represent Queensland in Underwater Rugby at the Australia World Underwater Games!

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Unidive ‘diver of the year’ 2013

Chris organised the ‘diver of the year’ day again this year and lots of diving skills, some silly were demonstrated by the participants.

Pictures here (click on image):

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The Reason Stick: The Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense


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