Another new batch of kittens

Dart (boy black with white ear)
Vesta (girl black)
Pallas (Grey boy)

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Another Set, this time with Mom

This is Thor
MG 7664

And Bjorn (he is a manx)
MG 7672

And Freya, their mom
MG 7615

We still have Stratus as well and they do enjoy playing together.
MG 7688

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And the next batch

Part of posting these is so I can keep them straight in my head!


MG 7560


MG 7561


MG 7569

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Cuddly Stratus

IMG 4349 2 1

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New Fosters

Here are the latest fosters!

Stratus, son of Brutus (left) and Nimbus

MG 7480

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