And now there are 5 :)

Meet Rømer:

20151230 IMG 0167

Named after Ole Christensen Rømer who was a Danish astronomer who in 1676 made the first quantitative measurements of the speed of light. In scientific literature alternative spellings such as “Roemer”, “Römer”, or “Romer” are common.

Rømer is a cross Burmese and Siamese and is about 7 months old. He is a cat that apparently does not handle children too gently and was recently in 2 different homes.

He is fitting in with us very well, and we will slowly be acquainting him with our other 4 cats.

20151230 IMG 0174

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New addition to our family

Sirius is another rescued cat that apparently was abused. She is amazingly affectionate, but very skittish. Hopefully we will be able to get her more comfortable and maybe she can even help Topaz be less scared of other people 🙂


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Swim To Colombia

We need your support to help the 28 players of the Australian National teams (male and female) to go to Colombia. You have two ways to help us: make a simple donation or get yourself sponsored by your family, friends and colleagues to help us and swim with us the 14 052 km between Australia and Colombia. Set a goal and how much people are willing to donate per kilometre swum, collect the donations and make your contribution!

And please spread the word!!!

This is tax deductible in Australia, but people around the world can donate!


This week I have swum 8km and have trained (played) 1 hour Monday and 2 hours on Saturday

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Clyde – R.I.P. 11/05/2015

Clyde, our companion for the last 14 years, passed on today. He put up a good fight with bowel disease, probably cancer, but he had reached the end of his fight. We will miss him immensely.

Clyde MG 5933

Clyde IMG 0129

Clyde IMG 2369

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Underwater Rugby Australia

The National team site (will be transitioning to AUF site I assume.

Underwater Rugby Australia: “”

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