The Story of Bottled Water

Another good cause.

The Story of Bottled Water

Some of the other stuff is a bit one sided, but generally true.

(Via Daring Fireball.)

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Unidive Pool Day and BBQ

Well, due to cyclone Ului we had 6-7 metre seas predicted on the coast, so being the safe divers we are we canceled this weekends dives.

Chris Roelfsema (with the help of many others) decided to organise a last minute refresher course and fun day in the pool… well, he decided to organise people to organise the refresher and BBQ!

Annemiek and Mark organised a great BBQ and Gavin (and ??) organised Jon and others for the refresher.

Chris did the work for the ‘Unidive diver of the year’ contest. We will find out who won on Thursday

All in all a great fun day thanks to everyone’s hard work.

Some pictures here:

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New addition to the family!

Well, you will probably be seeing more of this gal in my photos.


Topaz was a ‘rescued’ kitten and We picked her up tomorrow. She has been fixed and had her shots, so now we will see how she handles Nala and Clyde!

Should be fun!

She is here now, more photos here! Nala could care less, and Clyde is not too fussed on having competition. May take a while to get him used to Topaz.


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Unidive Straddie rescue course

Chris Roelfsema and I taught a rescue course on the weekend with the help of Andy Mason and Cas Simons as trainee DMs. So Unidive now has another 8 great rescue divers! Lots of hard work but lots of fun too!

Some pictures here:

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Ordered a 27″ iMac yesterday

Well, I retired my 10 year old G4 when I bought Nell a Mac mini a while back, and now it is time to retire the 5 year old G5.

It is a liquid cooled dual 2.5 GHz CPU model that has leaked twice (while under apple care), and had the power supply fans die. After the last repair (out of applecare) one CPU was sporadic and then died. So, it was getting a bit slow, and on top of that, the new Aperture is intel only… so time to upgrade.

New system is a 27″ iMac with the following configuration:

Processor       2.8Ghz Quad-Core Intel Core I7
Memory          8Gb 1066Mhz Ddr3 Sdram - 2X4Gb
Hard Drive      1Tb Serial Ata Drive
Graphics        Ati Radeon Hd 4850 512Mb
Optical Drive   8X Double-Layer Superdrive

Should have it in about a week. Then need to freecycle the old towers and one 21″ (CRT) monitor.

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