Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

(Via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.)

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Pat Completes his Plumbing apprenticeship

We had a celebration for Patrick since he has completed his plumbing apprenticeship.

Unfortunately he also broke his collarbone playing AFL footy last weekend too, so he will be having some time off work.

Pictures here:

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New couch arrived

Well, after about 10 months of waiting, we finally got our new couch delivered. It is quite comfy, although the puffiness of it takes some getting used to.

I am not sure if Topaz’s couch is big enough for her though….

Pictures here:

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RIP Martin Gardner – Boing Boing

Well worth the 46 minutes to sit and watch. I read an article by Martin on John Conway’s Life when I was an undergrad looking for something to program.

The Nature of Things / Martin Gardner from Wagner Brenner on Vimeo.

(Via RIP Martin Gardner – Boing Boing.)

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Unidive nitrox course dives – HMAS Brisbane

On Saturday May 15th, after 2 other cancelations due to weather, Unidive finally made the trip out to HMAS Brisbane to finish the nitrox course. We had flat seas and sunshine and warm water, 23C by my computer, 24.3C by my watch.

I was nice and comfy in my 3mm with my vest with a hood, although it did get a bit chilly out of the water!

Pictures here:

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