Dive trip booked

I have booked on with a group going on an 8 day 7 night live aborad trip on the Nimrod Explorer:

Nimrod Itineraries

Should be a good trip. It is Minke whale season, so we hope to see some of those.

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George Carlin – R.I.P.

George Carlin dies at age 71

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Duma Key by Stephen King

I have just finished Duma Key and I must say, I think King is back in his groove.


His last couple of books, while not bad, were not the ‘cannot put down’ type. With Duma Key, he draws you into the story and makes you connect with his characters.

Well worth a read Muchacho

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Schneier on Security: The War on Photography

Bruce Schneier talking about a topic close to my heart.

“Don’t cede your right to photograph in public. Don’t propagate the terrorist photographer story. Remind them that prohibiting photography was something we used to ridicule about the USSR. Eventually sanity will be restored, but it may take a while.”

Schneier on Security: The War on Photography: “”

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Kathy and Gerry’s visit (in February!)

My cousin Kathy and and her husband Gerry visited earlier this year. We had a nice meal up on Mount Cootha and then went to the New Farm markets the next morning.

I especially like the 5th picture where Nell and Kathy are buying some snake oil wonder cream!

Kathy and Gerry

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