H.M.A.S. Brisbane

Dove the H.M.A.S. Brisbane the other day. Being a purpose sunk wreck, it is a bit clinical, but one the growth starts to take over I am sure it will be a great dive.
Doug on the Brisbane (Photo courtesy of Maggie Watt)

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July 2005 Straddie Advanced Course

Here are some photos of the UniDive July 2005 Straddie Advanced Course.

(Click here for clickable thumbnails)

At work

We had a great weekend and succeeded in producing 7 new Advanced divers:

Lisa Karen Trish Tom Julian Cas Tim

We saw whales, grey nurse sharks and lots of dolphins!

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Great history site

History of VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet. Also some links to other interesting history sites…

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Mac traceroute item

Interesting traceroute item here.

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Down time on my Precious

Well, I had a problem with my dual G5. It appears that the water cooling of the CPU(s) has leaked resulting in a very big POP coming out of my power supply, and as a result, no power. In getting fixed on warranty.

On a positive note the two PFYs at the shop were very exited to see what it looked like inside, saying they have never had a coolant failure before. (BTW you cannot really see anything in my case.)

Alas, looks like a week without my main machine. I will be ssh’ing to my (wife’s) old G4 from my work PC laptop and working that way (only thing the damn Windows PCs are good for in my opinion).

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