Now that it is completed, some more shots of the new house

We have been in the house for about 3 months now and the rest of the street is finished off too.

The fence on the right of our house runs exactly north-south (the first photo is looking northish… Click on them to get bigger images)

Looking right up the fence line (cat prision on the left):

This is the patio area. It is 10AM on a late summer morning, so it looks like we should always have a nice shady patio (important in Australia!)

Looking E from the NW corner of the lot (which is pie shaped) Shed and the 5000L rain water tank. We have rock/pebbles back here.

Looking west from the NE corner of the lot. This will be mainly lawn, with garden around the fence line.

Looking S from the NE corner

And some other street angles.

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UniDive May 2009 Advanced course

Had a great bunch on the UniDive advanced course on the May long weekend!

Some pictures here:

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Yet another good TED talk – Shai Agassi: A bold plan for mass adoption of electric cars

I would like to believe this would fly some day.

(Via The TED Blog.)

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Dolphins blowing rings

How cool is this?

(Via Boing Boing)

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Turtle Mae West

This really makes me sick.

YouTube – Turtle Mae West

I googled it after hearing about it in yet another TED talk: Charles Moore: Sailing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

(Via TED.)

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