Should I stay with iStock?

Awe bugger.  between the previous thread I posted about and this thread

I am seriously wondering if I want to stay associated wiith iStock.

Maybe I am just in a stressed out and grumpy mood today, but I sure don't feel like staying this morning.

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2 Responses to Should I stay with iStock?

  1. Bloodstone says:

    Dont Leave, just chill for a bit and stay with us , we'd miss ya heaps

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  2. Acerebel says:

    Please don't go. I agree with Anne; we'd miss you. I've posted a reply of my own to the Forum (despite having sworn I'd never really get into them again after a very nasty experience with Atlanta Greg some months ago). I guess you can hold fast to the reality that not everyone in every community will share your ideals, but as long as you are true to them, you're doing the right thing.

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