First vox post

Well, here is my first vox post.  May as well pimp my latest upload… 🙂

Going out again on Saturday, hope to get some more shots, but they will not likely be this type, as the water where I am going is generally pretty murky.  Therefore I will have to shoot the small stuff with the macro lens.

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3 Responses to First vox post

  1. Matt Scherf says:

    Nice! Lets see some more of that fabulous reef.

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  2. Acerebel says:

    Pimp away! I'm amazed by anyone who can a) take good shots and b) do so while completely immersed in a totally foreign environment! I agree with Matt. Let's have more. While you're at it, let's have some dive stories!

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  3. seraphic06 says:

    Where's nemo? Seriously, I look forward to seeing more.

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