Up to 10 now!

I have not updated the cat count for a while 😉 We now are up to our cattery limit of 10 cats – what a mad house.

Here are the (last) 3 foster fails that we have decided to keep.

Linkin was very shy but now accepts pats and sleeps with us.

20211023 IMG 4055 Linkin

Ursa minor (aka Bear) is a Manx with a little goatee under his chin, so cute. He loves belly rubs but is usually pretty shy.

20211023 IMG 4045 Bear

This is Halo, and he is very shy. After about a year, he is finally starting to walk around when we are in the back yard, but still retreats to his ‘cave’ when we get too close. If he is curled up on a hammock he will accept pats and belly rubs.

20211023 IMG 4053 Halo

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