Down time on my Precious

Well, I had a problem with my dual G5. It appears that the water cooling of the CPU(s) has leaked resulting in a very big POP coming out of my power supply, and as a result, no power. In getting fixed on warranty.

On a positive note the two PFYs at the shop were very exited to see what it looked like inside, saying they have never had a coolant failure before. (BTW you cannot really see anything in my case.)

Alas, looks like a week without my main machine. I will be ssh’ing to my (wife’s) old G4 from my work PC laptop and working that way (only thing the damn Windows PCs are good for in my opinion).

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  1. Saga continues. Logic board was ordered and they are waiting for parts. What next, the hard drive, and they will need to wait for that?
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  2. Well, after telling the store that there had been a leak, I called them up two days ago and they said the power supply was shot and they were ordering one in but that they didn’t think the cooling had leaked. They asked what colour it was and when I said clear, they said ‘no, it is green, so that couldn’t have been it’. I told them to look again. Today they called up and said the power supply was in and they were going to install it. I said what about the cooling? They then made a not too veiled threat that ‘if you keep saying there was water around, it might void your warrenty for the power supply repair’. I then told them in no uncertain terms that the only source of water (fluid) was the Mac. About 2 hours later, I get a call and they say ‘oh, the cooling was buggered, and we have to order you a new CPU unit, and by the way, the fluid is VERY toxic and do you feel any timgling where you may have touched it?’ !!! I would bet that they replaced the power supply and proceeded to run HW tests and burnt out the current CPU(s). Anyone in Brisbane can PM me if they want to avoid this downtown shop. Needless to say I am going to compose a letter to the management about the service staff. Grrrr
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  3. Got it back today. When I got it home, I noticed the power button/USB/Firewire board on the front is lose. Back next week some time I guess….
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  4. Well, I forgot to add that it leaked again 12/05/2006 didn’t blow the power this time. dual cpu replacement with a newer version. Hope this one lasts. Can you extend Applecare beyond 3 years??? 🙁
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