Trip Report – Intro to Maritime Archaeology Course

8 Unidive members, Ben Beneke, Bride Moran, Douglas Stetner, Jeremy Ford, Justin Marriner, Mark Herbert, Ryan Booker, and Trent Lee spent Saturday and Sunday attending an Intro to Maritime Archaeology Course at Manly and Fort Lytton. The course was presented by Paddy Waterson (Qld Government) and Ed Slaughter (Queensland Museum).

Saturday consisted of lectures, and Sunday was mainly practical work, recording a wreck site on land and using dumpy level for measurements. Coins, porcelain coal and old beer bottles were found, along with anchor chain. Maps were made and reports written. Lots of good discussions about wrecks and diving. The shortbread cookies and brownies were delicious!

A few more pictures here for those who are interested: Pictures

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