Some shots of the new house

I have been slack lately with posts, but here is the second big change for Nell and I for this year. Nell and I have bought a house and land package and have been busy with that. We get possession on the 27th of February, here are some shots of how it looks now (Feb 7th).

Here is a link to a pdf of the plan and the street map:

Plans (About 1 MB in size)

Ours is Lot 103 and below, the one with the driveway. The fence on the right of our house runs exactly north-south (the first photo is looking northish… Click on them to get bigger images)

Looking right up the fence line:

This is the patio area. It is 10AM on a late summer morning, so it looks like we should always have a nice shady patio (important in Australia!)

Looking ESE from the very NW corner of the lot (which is pie shaped) Slab for the shed and the 5000L rain water tank. We will have rock/pebbles back here.

Looking west from the NE corner of the lot. This will be mainly lawn, with garden around the fence line.

Looking S from the NE corner

And another street angle.

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