Adobe overcharges again

Once again, Adobe CS4 costs about $400.00 AUD more to purchase from the Australian store than from the US store.

Today, $1399 US = ($1399/.8375) = $1670.45 AUD

Adobe Australia sells the CS4 package for $2089 AUD, that is $418 AUD more than I could buy it from the US store (if I could buy it from the US). It is a download, no physical delivery at all.

When I queried Adobe about this for CS3 they said it was for 1 year of tech support. Hands up any one who has actually needed to use Adobe’s tech support rather than just using Goggle to find an answer?

I am almost tempted to buy it and see how much I could use the tech support over a year. I am sure I could rack up a few thousand dollars of someone’s time over a year…..

This is why I refuse to buy it. The day it is roughly the same cost here as in the states, I probably will buy it, but until then, I will use The Gimp and GraphicConverter.

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