March 2008 Advanced Course

I taught another advanced course with UniDive on the March 29/30th weekend.

Some above water photos here:

Mar 2008 Adv Course Pics

We now have 4 new advanced divers in the club:

  • Kathryn Batkiewicz
  • Christoph Braun
  • Justin Grimm-Greenblatt
  • Martin Tucker

all completed the advanced course at Straddie this past weekend!

  • Robert ????
  • Martin Hansen
  • Heidi Kaldahl
  • Daniella Teixeira

tagged along for the weekend and did an admirable job of staying out of the way during the course 😎 and pitching in when there was work to do. Thanks everyone!

We had awesome vis an so many Mantas they almost got boring!

Cheers, Doug

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