Out with the old (bad) in with the new (good!)

Well, on the right is the old, bad windows laptop busy converting my old outlook PST files to mbox format that I will use on my new 17 inch MacBook Pro running OS X (good).

I was amazed that even though the new mac came with Entourage, a Microsoft email program, it would not read Outlook PST files. Hmm, google around and I see a PST importer tool from Microsoft. Good I thought, I will import with that and then convert to mbox some how… but no. You see the tool only imports Mac PST files, and I have windows PST files, no go there.

So some more googling found me this site: Little Machines which sells a converter for $10.00 US. It appears to work fine, although it has to run on a PC (with outlook installed I think) the old PC has been churning all day (and probably all tonight and tomorrow) converting my old emails to be imported in to Apple Mail.

One must ask the question, do you want to use software from a company that makes it impossible to export your data EVEN to a format their own tools can read???

I am soooo glad to not have to face windows on my desktop every day!

Now, if only I could get rid of it everywhere else in the company…….

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