Mooloolaba dive

Out for another Dive this weekend. Mooloolaba, 15-20 knot winds and seas to about 2 m.

Lots of vomiting, me included, but the dives were good, the water warm, and the friends friendly!

These are from last Saturdays dive at ‘Fairylands’ at Mooloolaba. Not many good ones from that dive, 2 meter swells with a 15-20 knot wind. Fair amount of surge even at 15M.

And a couple of nudies. The last one didn’t quite hit it for focus, but was a neat nudie so I thought I would put it up anyway….

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2 Responses to Mooloolaba dive

  1. Des Paroz says:
    Hey Doug Must’ve been biggish seas for you to be vomitting…. Glad the dives were good. Where did you go – the ex-HMAS Brisbane? Cheers Des
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  2. Well, they were fairly big. Luckily I usually just spew then I am right! 😆 Went to the Gneerings, south of the HMAS Brisbane. lots of rolling reef at 15-25 meters. A place called ‘Fairylands’ by our club ( Lots of little stuff. Still haven’t made a cut of the photos, hopefully by the end of tonight…. Doug
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